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Become SOBER in 5 steps

  If you are here, I'm pretty sure you're struggling with some sort of addiction. I've been there myself, drinking for longer than I can remember, so I can relate to what you're going through.

   If depression, anxiety and addiction is all you have, then you've hit rock bottom. And every person you lose or opportunity you miss due to your unclear mind only adds to your condition.

   After failing countless attempts, I finally decided to seek for someone to guide me and lift my head above the water. In learning to put myself first I managed to find my voice and my way out.

   And so can you!

Claim your power back and give

your family the priceless gift of all: 

a clear-minded you.

If you are an alcoholic, you are as sick as if you had cancer

The victimization causes you to drink, which, in turn, determines you to act like a victim.


Together, we can figure it out and break the chains of endless pain by stepping out of this vicious circle.

Let's get in touch and work out your focus point moving further.

If the 12-step programs aren't enough or if they are too much, the 5-step process I've tested and now bring to you could be the perfect fit.

Give it a try.

Here's a bit of an insight on what we'll be working with:

You can learn more about these resources by Donna Zajonc, MCC here:


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