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Please don’t question my smile

Almost a couple of years have gone by

Since you’ve seen me,

I know it’s been quite a while,

I don’t get hold of you anymore, don’t want you no more,

But please don’t question my smile…

I’m so free without you,

A couple years gone by,

I wake up without you, don’t think about you,

I wake up to the song of the birds now,

Instead of shaky hands,

Please don’t question my smile…

I count the sunsets

With the time that has gone by,

I get to live in awe now,

Dance, breathe freely as I live life without you,

Please don’t questions my smile…

Why am I thinking about you?

With all this time gone by,

Just counting my blessings,

Now that I’m without you,

Why would you question my smile?

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