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Meet Susan Eileen

   Dear one,


   As I've moved through the three vital questions process, I became aware that I have been all three types of victims and, at times, I appeared to seek out victims.

   That's mostly due to the complicated relationship I had with my mother.  I spent a lot of time feeling like the helpless victim, desperately looking for someone to save me, while attempting to rescue the one who gave birth to me.  I never managed to actually rescue her, yet all this experience followed me for years to come. As facts kept on whispering into my ear, I realized I'm still trying to right that wrong. 


  Once I made the shift from feeling hopeless to empowered - becoming the decision-maker and the creator of my own existence - I broke the chains of what was holding me back.

   As a recovering alcoholic, I was acting like a victim (probably, if you had the boss I had, you would have drank too).   I'm still working on eliminating the rescuing victim within me, however I have successfully overcome the victim stage, as turning pain into power made sense to me.  

   That being said, as your personal sobriety coach I will guide you on the path of taking back your life and breaking the chains of addiction, once and for all.

If you'd like to join our Facebook group, you can check it out here: Breaking The Chains Recovery Group.

With all my heart,


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Susan Eileen
Wellness Coach, Addictions Advisor, Career Counselor

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